Carinthia is the Latin name for Kaernten but our company name is not the only connection to the region we come from – we also have the mountains. Not long after the company’s founding, it was the mountains that inspired us to transfer our expertise from making quality down bedding to the construction of sleeping bags, mostly for specialist mountaineers. It is still that way today. In our headquarters in the Austrian town of Seeboden and in our European subsidiaries, we develop and produce our sleeping bags for the extreme challenges of the mountains, the Arctic and the Antarctic. But we also pass this this experience on to a broad collection of sleeping bags for the more moderate climates and uses around the world. Regardless of where you use your sleeping bag – our claim is a promise we make to you, and a challenge we set for us.


We manufacture 100% of our products in Europe – both in our wholly-owned premises in Slovakia and in our headquarters in Carinthia. We strongly believe that this local production is the only way to control the process and guarantee the highest manufacturing standards we need to provide the best quality and performance you want. As a family-owned business, we are lucky enough to plan and develop our company’s success on a long-term basis – no obsessively keeping an eye on shareholder value and stock prices. Producing “in our back yard” gives us the flexibility to rapidly enhance quality and design of the product and produce it immediately. We are continually searching for and implementing new solutions to enhance the safety, comfort and outdoor experiences of our customers.