Side profile of a soldier aiming his rifle

The company Sturm

The wholesaler Sturm Handels GmbH was founded in 1971 in Rottenburg am Neckar and deals with the utilisation of ex-army stocks as well as the manufacturing and the distribution of clothing and pieces of equipment from the outdoor field. Since 1983 the company has been represented in the USA and since 1990 in Tangermünde, Saxony-Anhalt.

     Facts and figures

  • Company headquarters: Rottenburg am Neckar
  • Branch profiles: Tangermünde, Germany and Cartersville, USA
    Staff: approx. 150
  • Customers: approx. 3,000 national and international specialist dealers worldwide
  • Product assortment: approx. 10,000 items over around 75,000 sq. m warehouse space
  • Wholesaler for tactical and outdoor products since 1971
  • Specialist for re-enactment and film equipment